You can view the recordings of our past Maths Cafe Talks by following the links below – enjoy 🙂

Algebra from a Geometer’s Perspective: 18/11/2020

Dr Alexandre Martin (HWU) tells us about the bridges between algebra and geometry – Watch here.

Squirrels in a nutshell: 20/01/2021

Prof Andy White (HWU) talks about red squirrel conservation and population modelling using mathematics – Watch here.

Illustrating Algebra: Symbols, Words and Pictures. 03/02/2021

Prof Nick Gilbert (HWU) uses pictures and symbols to demonstrate the fun of Algebra and explain some unexpected outcomes – Watch here.

Optimal transport, INDYREF2 and the steel industry: 17/02/2021

Dr David Bourne introduces the hot topic of optimal transport theory, the mathematical fields in which it is found and applications to real world problems – Watch here.

Algebra and Geometry meet Computer Science: 24/03/2021

Dr Laura Ciobanu talks about the meeting of group theory, combinatorics and computer science which inspires her research – Watch here.