The Maths Cafe is a peer supported initiative that allows maths students to seek help, ask questions or just chat about maths with their peers. The sessions are organised and guided by peer mentors who are year 3/4/5 maths students – it is relaxed, friendly and a great place to meet other students 🙂

You can use the space to: 

  • get help with difficult tutorial questions and exam revision
  • get advice on how to manage your workload and organise lecture material
  • form study groups and chat about maths in an informal atmosphere

Drop-in is now face-to-face (woop!) on Thursday 1-3pm – just turn up at any point throughout the session – in the Creative Studio in the GRID building (ground floor, back right).

Bring your coffee/tea and we’ll give you a biscuit – join in the Maths Cafe! 

Maths Cafe Talks

The Maths Cafe and the Maths Gym are very happy to introduce short talks on different mathematical topics aimed at an undergraduate audience. The talks are not just for mathematicians but for anyone with an interest in learning more about maths!


Below is the current schedule for the Maths Cafe Talks. NOTE, that this could change as the semester progresses.

1pm UK
(on Teams)
Prof Gabriel Lord
Radboud Uni
From Interpolation to Machine Learning for UQ and Volcanic Eruptions.
1pm UK
Dr Lotte Hollands
Spectral Networks and Quantum Field Theory.
23/02/2022 – CANCELLED
-to be rescheduled.
Dr Pamela Docherty
Everyone gets an A! Alternative grading systems for your mathematics courses and why they matter.
02/03/2022 – CANCELLED – to be rescheduledDr Anatoly Konechy
Energy Levels of Quantum Systems
1pm UK
Prof Des Johnston
Wealth Condensation and Corruption

If you would like to suggest a topic/speaker then please get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate.

Previous Talks

The recordings for previous talks can be found here.

Maths Cafe Newsletter

Find out all the news and happenings in the Maths Cafe newsletter here!