This is a quick list of tips/commands I have found useful when tidying up the resulting Rmd files when converted from the LaTeX source.


A chapter or section is simply marked with hashtags and automatically given a reference label for example # First Chapter would give a section named ‘First Chapter’ with the ID label first-chapter.

You can give your own ID label to a section or chapter by using # First Chapter {#bananaboots} where the label you give it can be anything you like.

Any subsections are simply denoted ## First Subsection and ### First subsubsection and so on (they can also be labelled in the same way).


LaTeX commands can be used for equations including the $ notation. To label an equation you can use:

e^i\pi + 1 = 0

An equation array is also easy to include and label:

\sin^2(\theta) + \cos^2(\theta) &= 1\\
\sec^2(\theta) - \tan^2(\theta) &= 1


The figures convert well, generally, as long as the file paths are correct. You will get the Markdown command that lloks something like this:

![Figure caption](figure.png){width=100%}

But if you want a little more control and to include a label, you can use something like this:

```{r echo=FALSE, label, out.width='70%','hold', fig.cap='This is the caption'}knitr::include_graphics("figure.png")```


Again these tend to convert well, but again if you want to start from scratch or include a bit more control and labels, I found this works:

Table: (\#tab:tablelabel) The interesting caption.
|Column 1|Column 2|Column 3|
|Row 1|a|b|
|Row 2|c|d|

The |:—| sets the alignment for the column.


After labelling your sections they can be referred to using \@ref(bananaboots).

Equations can be referenced using \@ref(eq:euler), figures \@ref{fig:label} and tables \@ref{tab:tablelabel}.

Miscellaneous formatting I found useful

Centre test, figure, table etc:

::: center


::: tmframed
This sentence is displayed.

Bold text:

___Something bold___

Italic text:

* This is rendered in italics *

Display in a box:

:::: {.textbox data-latex=""}
$$e^i\pi + 1 = 0$$

The properties of the box can be specified in the style.css file for the project.